PRICES:  Our prices are subject to change without notice.  Formal quotations will be noted with effective prices and termination dates, and those will prevail in case of discrepancies.  Quotation prices will be effective for 30 days from the official date of quote.  

Payments: All quotations and invoices will declare payment terms  to be  ”C.O.D. Cash or Check on Delivery) or “C.I.A. (Cash or Check in Advance) unless otherwise noted . 

Minimum Orders / Minimum Billing:  Minimum material orders: One full roll length of specified  material (36” or 48”) wide or $500 whichever is less.  

Taxes: All orders from States requiring sales tax, may be subject to that state sales tax unles s proper documentation showing resale exemption is provided to the seller. 

Shipping:  Material shipments will be according to quoted dates, unless revised and approved by seller. 

Risk Management:  PHA Industrial Supplies is only responsible for products while in our possession. Legal responsibility is at the risk of the customer when it leaves our plant boundaries. 

Warranty: PHA Industrial Supplies warrants products ( 30 calender days) against  manufacturing defects only.  There is “NO” warranty once the product has been cut or modified from its original shipment form. 

Limitation of Liability:  Our products are tested by the manufacturer  and carry a guarantee that they meet only the specification they were manufactured to. 

Force Majeure:  In the case of force majeure deliveries may be delayed of require rework or remanufacture for the length of time of the situation. 

Returns and refunds:  These products are custom made to your order.  No returns and refunds are allowed without prior approval and discretion by PHA Industrial Supplies. No stock materials will not qualify for return of refund at any time. 

Product Tolerances: Dimensional tolerances are per “RMA Commercial Tolerances for Sheet Rubber & Diaphragm Chart”. Other tolerances may be available upon request.  Standard roll length tolerances are (plus or minus 10%) for all thicknesses up to ½”. Special tolerances may be considered at additional charges upon request. 

Order Cancellations:  Orders cancelled in writing prior to production are subject to a (20% ) cancellation fee.  Orders cancelled after production are subject to a (100%) cancellation fee. 

Shipping:  All orders are F.O.B. Ontario, California. Customer is responsible for selection and payment of the Transportation carrier. PHA Industrial Supplies may if requested may recommend a transportation carrier.